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Anza Valley MAC Agenda: November 10, 2021

Anza Valley MAC Agenda


Revised - Anza Valley MAC Meeting Agenda for November 10, 2021 
An Advisory Council for Riverside County, Third District Supervisor Chuck Washington        
Council:  Birdie Kopp, Sharon Evans, Allison Renck, Rick Beauchamp 

Meeting Location: Virtual Meeting via Zoom. Riverside County is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Please click on the link below to attend the meeting and utilize the meeting ID and password.  

If you would like to call in see the number below. Please call in starting 15 minutes prior to the start of the meeting.  

Please place your phone or computer on mute until you are called on by the meeting moderator, Pacifica Hoffenberg. 

Join Zoom Meeting… 
Phone: 699-900-6833
Meeting ID: 859 1616 5705 
Passcode: 20211110 
One tap mobile 

Call to order at 5:30 PM – Presiding Chairperson, Sharon Evans   
     1.1     Pledge of Allegiance  
     1.2    Roll Call – Councill members’ introduction 
     1.3    Approval of Minutes for: October 13, 2021       
     1.4    Correspondence – received by council members  
     1.5    Speaker – Dennis Acuna, Engineering Division Manager for Riverside County Transportation
     1.6    Speaker – Anna Verona Doromal, Development Specialist with the Community Development Block Grant Program, Citizen Participation Presentation
     1.7    Sheriff Update – Dan Winder, Lieutenant from the Hemet Station 
     1.8    Speaker – Kevin Short, General Manager of the Anza Electric Cooperative Inc., Redistricting 
     1.9    News article below-“How to spend $479 M, Riverside County Mulls Where Money Should Go.…  

Speakers are excused from the meeting once their presentation done. 

      2.0   Standing Items           
     2.1     Amanda Fisher, District Representative for Senator Melissa Melendez
     2.2     Feature- Non- Profit
     2.3    Anza Valley Sign Update, Birdie Kopp
    2.4     Anza Community Issues
    2.5     Next Meeting: January 12, 2022    
    2.6    Adjournment