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COVID-19 Vaccine: Second Dose Procedure

For those who received a first dose at a county vaccine clinic (also called points of distribution or PODs), local health officials will reach out to residents through the contact method provided at the first appointment. At that time, the county will provide instructions for receiving the second dose conforming to the current CDC guideline on timeframes. Residents who received their first dose at private provider should contact that same provider to schedule their second dose.

Current CDC guidelines allow up to 42 days for a second dose with either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine and due in part to limited vaccine supply from the state, it may not be possible to get a second dose at the 21 or 28 day mark originally recommended.

The county understands the community’s concern about getting the second dose and constantly works on securing additional doses from the state. At the same time, officials want residents to get vaccinated with at least a first dose for those within the current phase and tier system.

“We know there is a lot of anxiety about getting the second dose and this approach will provide ease of mind to our community with getting an appointment for the second vaccination,” said Board Chair Karen Spiegel, Second District Supervisor.

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