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Over 1.6 Million Dollars in Unclaimed Funds Available

Tue, 30/04/2024 - 05:00

The Riverside County Treasurer-Tax Collector’s office is seeking 1,298 claimants who may have upwards of $480,000 in unclaimed funds due to roll changes and now risk being unable to secure those funds due to the statute of limitations.  

“Our office is working diligently to contact the potential claimants, in hopes that they will recoup these funds that are due back to them,” stated Treasurer-Tax Collector Matthew Jennings. “We will continue to exhaust all methods of communication to distribute these unclaimed funds to the rightful owner.”  

Claimants have been contacted prior, but due to unresponsiveness, will have additional time to submit claims. The list of eligible claimants for this time period is live as of May 1st, with a 90-day filing period, therefore claims must be postmarked by August 1st. Once this period has lapsed, the unclaimed funds will be transferred to the county’s general fund.  

A roll change occurs in two forms, such as an escape assessment, which is an assessment of a property that was not assessed or under-assessed, for any reason, on the original roll. Secondly, a correction is any authorization change to the existing assessment except for an underassessment caused by an error or omission of the assessee. Both forms of roll changes are regulated by Revenue and Taxation Codes. Once the roll change occurs, the Treasurer-Tax Collector is required to mail a form to the appropriate person entitled to the refund before the funds can be released. Claimants must have completed a form within four years from the date that the payment was made or within 1 year after the mailing of the letter, whichever is later.   

For those who may have unclaimed funds that are near the statute of limitations, please visit or call 951-955-3900 to learn more.