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Nonprofit Grant

Third District Grant Opportunities
For questions or to return an application or evaluation, contact Pacifica Hoffenberg by calling 951-955-3270 or To prevent delay, please ensure all fields are filled in correctly and that all required documents are attached during submission.
Community Improvement Designation (CID) Grant
The Riverside County Board of Supervisors established the CID fund grant program to support valuable services and projects addressing needs in communities across Riverside County. Applying for CID funds does not ensure that the request will be granted. Only organizations and activities that directly benefit the residents of the Third District will be considered.
To apply, please complete the Third District CID Grant Application.
If you receive a CID grant, you must complete the Grant Evaluation Form detailing the use of the awarded funds. Failure to submit the evaluation within 60 days of the utilization of the funds will disqualify future funding requests.